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Step into the world of catamaran rental management, a turnkey solution for owners looking to monetize their boat without the hassle of its daily management.

At SESAME Nosy Be, we handle the operation, maintenance, and marketing of your catamaran.


By entrusting your catamaran to us, you not only benefit from our over 20 years of experience in the cruise industry, but also from our 5-star ratings that attest to our quality of service.


This approach provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your valuable catamaran is in good hands, while generating profits.

Catamaran Baie Drone

Your Benefits

With our expertise and extensive network, we ensure optimal use of your boat, not only guaranteeing regular income but also maintaining its condition and value over time.


Your boat will be managed by our professional team, including an International Yachtmaster-certified captain with in-depth knowledge of the region.


Also, enjoy owner weeks for safe and memorable cruises in one of the world's most beautiful cruising locations, with an experienced crew who knows your boat inside out.

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Our Partnership

Begin by contacting us for an initial discussion and evaluation of your catamaran.


We are looking for multihulls that meet our standards, with a minimum size of 45 feet, at least 3 double cabins, and a recent year of construction to ensure a modern aesthetic and up-to-date features.


Once your boat is evaluated and approved, we will work together to prepare a contract tailored to your needs. We can also assist in organizing the transport of your catamaran to Madagascar, ensuring a smooth integration into our fleet.

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