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Mitsio Drone Sesame


Embark on our cruise with a full 5-star crew.


We are proud to introduce our exceptional team, embodying dedication, expertise, and a passion to provide you with an unparalleled experience.


Whether you're a couple, family, or friends, trust us to advise you, as well as ensure your comfort and safety on board throughout your cruise.

Skipper Augustin | Sesame Nosy Be

With over 10 years of experience on our boat, our skipper ensures comfortable navigation thanks to his knowledge of the most beautiful corners of the region.

Hostess Tina | Sesame Nosy Be

Our hostess ensures perfect service while being discreet and maintains the boat in impeccable condition throughout the day.

Cook Hugo | Sesame Nosy Be

With over 15 years of experience in the kitchens of Nosy Be's grand hotels, our chef will prepare excellent meals, traditional or European, using local and fresh ingredients.

Captain Herve | Sesame Nosy Be


The company owner with over 30 years of sailing experience on sail and motor boats, our captain ensures an exceptional experience on his boat.

Captain Leo | Sesame Nosy Be


Having sailed for years on SESAME and holding the Yachtmaster, our captain will maintain constant control over the smooth running of your cruise, ensuring that your experience always meets your expectations.


Our mission is to provide an unforgettable cruise experience in Nosy Be, enriched by over 20 years of expertise, by offering you personalized service and all-inclusive rates with no hidden costs.


Committed to sustainability, we minimize our impact on the environment while offering a range of activities that allow our guests to discover the natural wonders of Madagascar.

Pirogue Nosy Iranja | Sesame Nosy Be
Sea pollution


Our commitment to responsible cruising is reflected in education, inspiring our clients, our teams, and especially the population to act with the common goal of preserving the environment in which we operate.


Waste reduction and our contribution to climate change guide our decisions. Join us in our quest for unforgettable, responsible, and committed catamaran journeys.

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